Platform Ukrainian Voices: Share the Kyiv Declaration

Ukrainian civil society has six urgent requests for the world. Help spread the word.

What to know:

  • President Putin's invasion of Ukraine has left thousands of civilians fighting for their lives.
  • Ukrainian civil society has six urgent requests for the world – help them get heard.
  • Tweet to platform Ukrainian voices – share the Kyiv Declaration now.

Learn More about this cause:

Russia’s massive and open military threat to Ukraine has shaken the entire world. Many have been killed, thousands displaced, and Ukrainian men mandated to take up arms and defend their lives and country. 

In the wake of the invasion, 40 Ukrainian civil society organisations have come together with six urgent appeals to the international community with the Kyiv Declaration.

They request safe spaces be provided for civilians, sanctions on Russian banks, support for local humanitarian responses, freezing the assets and revoking the visas of Putin and his cronies, defensive military assistance, and provision of equipment to track war crimes and ensure that all those responsible are one day brought to justice.

We can help get these urgent requests by the people of Ukraine out into the world. Help spread the word by tweeting the Kyiv Declaration now.