Solidarity With the People of Ukraine!

Share ways to help those facing conflict in Ukraine.

What to know:

  • President Putin has declared war on Ukraine, putting millions at risk.
  • War must never be an option. The world must stand united with the Ukrainian people.
  • Share all the ways people can help – tweet now.

Learn More about this cause:

The Russian military has invaded Ukraine, putting millions at risk. 

We demand the immediate end of the invasion. We stand in solidarity with the people in Ukraine and all people on the run. 

War must never be an option because the consequences are catastrophic: hunger, poverty, death, suffering, displacement and the violation of basic human rights of hundreds of thousands of people. 

It is unacceptable to put human lives at risk for territorial conflicts. It is now imperative to protect civilians and ensure safe access for humanitarian organizations to the affected areas. 

Governments around the world must work together to keep escape routes open and provide urgent humanitarian support to the Ukrainian people. Read our article on how you can help.

Let's be loud together - on Twitter and in the streets: send our tweet and join one of the many demonstrations and rallies to show your solidarity.