UK: Welcome Ukraine’s Refugees

Words aren’t enough, the UK should give safety to those who need it.

What to know:

  • Right now, millions of families are fleeing to find safety as the crisis in Ukraine continues.
  • The UK government says it stands with Ukraine, but it’s turning refugees away.
  • Send an urgent tweet to the UK government demanding they welcome people in need.

Learn More about this cause:

Every single person fleeing Ukraine to find safety is someone just like you. A mother. Father. Brother. Sister.

With over four million refugees fleeing Ukraine, Europe has come together in an incredible feat of solidarity to offer urgent protection to refugees in need.

But there’s one country missing. The United Kingdom.

UK leaders have made statements of support for refugees fleeing Ukraine, but this ‘solidarity’ is not reflected in their actions.

The UK has been refusing entry to Ukrainian women and children applying for asylum.

Right now, UK visas to Ukrainians are conditional on applicants having direct ties to family or businesses in the UK. This narrow policy means refusing help to most Ukrainians who need it.

This heartless policy is unjustifiable. Call on the UK to urgently lift harsh visa restrictions for Ukrainian refugees and support safe routes. Tweet now.