UK: Stop New Fossil Fuel Projects NOW

Tell the UK government to stop plans to fast-track six new oil and gas fields.

What to know:

  • Scientists warn we have to end our reliance on fossil fuels now but the UK is fast-tracking six new oil and gas fields.
  • The plans would wipe out the UK’s commitment to lower emissions, harming generations to come.
  • Tweet the UK government to stop new fossil fuel projects now and switch to renewable energy.

Learn More about this cause:

As the energy crisis in the UK continues and the conflict in Ukraine looms, the government is using the situation as an excuse to push for increased funding to damaging fossil fuel projects.  

This will not decrease the prices of energy in the UK, but it will harm the planet for generations to come.

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, we have seen how important it is to not be dependent on importing fossil fuels and gas. Pledging to move away from Russian gas is a huge opportunity to invest in clean, green energy. 

We need to prioritise people and the planet, not profits. Scientists are warning that governments must act immediately to keep fossil fuels in the ground but politicians need to listen. 

There is a narrow window to protect the planet and the UK governments is threatening to waste it. 

Urge the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng to protect our planet and switch to renewable energy now.