With people and the planet already feeling the devastating consequences of the climate crisis, we can’t wait any longer. Every year the rate of temperature increase is speeding up due to our impact on the planet, causing melting ice-caps, drought and an increase in extreme weather from floods to wildfires.

Scientists warn that if we don’t limit this rise to 1.5 degrees the damage to our planet and ecosystems will be catastrophic  — and millions of people will be forced into poverty. 

As the UK looks for a way out of COVID-19, the government must build back better to tackle the climate emergency. By working together, investing in growing clean industries, and restoring green spaces we can build a cleaner, fairer world for future generations.

People everywhere across the UK are raising their voices to tell politicians that #TheTimeIsNow to put a cleaner, greener, fairer future at the heart of plans to rebuild a strong economy. Even better, a green recovery would create much-needed jobs here in the UK — making it a win-win for people and the planet. 

Next November, the UK will host the UN Climate Summit — also known as COP26. This moment is critical in getting the world on track to limiting heating of our planet to below 1.5 degrees. This is our opportunity to lead the world into a greener future, but first we need to lead the way to invest in the solutions to climate change at home. 

As host, the UK has a vital role to play — if it goes into COP26 with bold new plans to build a green economy, it’s more likely that other big polluters will follow suit, creating change across the world.

Sign the Climate Coalition declaration to Boris Johnson now to send a strong message:  the time is now to lead the UK towards a healthier, greener, fairer future, and inspire other countries to follow.