UK Government: End Fossil Fuel Dependency Now

Sign the petition to put a stop to new UK oil and gas projects.

What to know:

  • The UK government is pushing to invest in six new fossil fuels projects that will setback the net-zero goals.
  • The small window to save our future from the extremes of the climate crisis is now.
  • Sign the petition and urge the UK government to stop investing in fossil fuels.

Learn More about this cause:

The UK government is actively pushing for oil and gas exploration which will trap us in an expensive, polluting energy loop for decades to come.  All this, while we are already feeling the consequences of the climate crisis on our doorstep.

The six new fossil fuel projects the government is fast tracking will do nothing to solve energy prices and will damage our environment.

For a livable sustainable future, we must halt the development of new oil and gas fields. 

After hosting the world’s biggest climate conferences, COP26, and making commitments to a sustainable future, the government risks breaking all its promises with North Sea drilling and gas exploration.

Making energy cheap, clean, and renewable is the only solution to today's energy crisis and a sustainable future. More oil and gas will only add to the problem.

Sign this petition and urge the UK government to move away from fossil fuels and invest in clean renewable energy. Protect the planet we love.