UK: Help Farmers Defend Against The Climate Crisis!

Leave a message for Lord Ahmad, a key Minister in the UK government.

What to know:

  • Climate change has put pressure on ecosystems farmers depend on, affecting their ability to grow the food we need.
  • World leaders must help farmers adapt to climate change so they can feed the world and help end rising hunger.
  • Leave a personal message for Lord Ahmad — a key UK leader. Our voices together could pressure him to act.

Learn More about this cause:

As the planet warms, extreme weather events are becoming more common and more severe. Droughts, hurricanes, floods and insect outbreaks have wreaked havoc across ecosystems – throwing unprecedented challenges on our fragile food systems.

The most impacted are the poorest and vulnerable communities. These include smallholder farmers on the frontlines of our food production, who are struggling to adapt to unpredictable weather conditions. Agriculture is sensitive to weather and changes are putting pressure on environments farmers depend on – affecting their ability to grow the food we all need.

Food security exists when everyone has access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food at all times – but the world is far from achieving this. A recent report estimates that global hunger increased more in 2020 than in the past 5 years combined. This will continue to get worse unless urgent action is taken so farmers have the right tools to adapt to a changing climate and can continue feeding our growing population.

In November, the United Kingdom will host a global United Nations summit (COP26) so world leaders can plan how they will tackle climate change. For the country to be seen as champions of climate change, they themselves need to lead by example and step up investments in agriculture.

Please write a personal message expressing why you believe the most vulnerable people around the world should be prioritised to end the hunger crisis. If you have a personal story that illustrates why you feel passionately about this issue, please consider including it. We will collect these and share them with Lord Ahmad and his team ahead of COP26.