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Tweet at the Prime Minister of Ethiopia to Increase Domestic Health Spending and Prioritize UHC

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In 2001, African heads of state gathered and pledged to increase their annual budget for health to at least 15%. However, 17 years later, only a handful of countries have managed to reach these goals, and Ethiopia is one of those that lags behind. 

Home to 99 million, Ethiopia currently only spends 6% of its general government expenditure on health, and many are still suffering from the consequences. Per capita health expenditure is also very low compared to the sub-Saharan Africa average, which has resulted in heavy out-of-pocket health care burdens. As for the 74 million citizens living in need of treatment for neglected tropical diseases, more than one-third were left untreated. 

As the second-most populous nation in the continent, now is the time for Ethiopia to step up and increase its domestic health spending to meet the 15% target. Join Global Citizens to call on the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and lead others toward #HealthForAll.