#StopTheBlock on Vaccine Justice

These countries are blocking an intellectual property waiver that would help make COVID-19 vaccines available to all.

What to know:

  • Many countries are pushing for big pharma to share intellectual property to increase production.
  • But the UK, Switzerland, Norway, and Germany are blocking the proposal.
  • Call on them to stop the block and end COVID-19 monopolies.

Learn More about this cause:

COVID-19 vaccines are critical for ending the pandemic for everyone. The trouble? There simply aren’t enough doses being made to reach everyone fast enough.

The world worked together to develop vaccines able to defeat the deadly virus, but big pharma companies are now keeping the information on how to produce the vaccines under lock and key – limiting supply. 

COVID-19 vaccines should be a public good, not guarded for profit. That’s why over one hundred countries from all over the world are pushing a proposal forcing big pharma to temporarily waive intellectual property rights on vaccine production. 

This could be a gamechanger, but a handful of wealthy countries, including the UK, Switzerland, Norway, and Germany – who already have sufficient vaccine access, are blocking the proposal from going ahead. 

Now, Global Citizens have sent in images from across the world calling on these countries to #StopTheBlock. Share their voices now by sending our tweet with the most powerful images to decision makers. 

Send a tweet calling on the UK, Germany, Norway and Switzerland to #StopTheBlock and support vaccine access for all.