Stand with Kai Morton and Inspire Future STEM Leaders!

Kai Morton, daughter of Black Girls Code founder, inspires the next generation of STEM learners to breakdown all barriers.

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As a young person starting out in her career, Morton is empowered by people like HP’s Diversity & Inclusion Officer Lesley Slaton Brown and her mother and Black Girls Code founder, Kimberly Bryant, who have led by example and demonstrated that women of color can be successful in the STEM field.

“Back when I was just coding, I didn’t know who to look up to. I didn’t have any peers who were interested in what I was interested in, so I was kind of worried about how I would go into an industry where I didn’t see people who look like me,” Morton told HP’s Chief Diversity Officer, Lesley Slaton Brown, in an interview. “But now, seeing the industry is becoming more and more diverse is powerful.”

Black Girls Code aims to double the number of US chapters and further grow the organization internationally over the next three years to empower more girls like Morton. By 2040, the organization hopes to have trained 1 million girls.