Share five actions that you and your friends can take to make a positive impact in your community

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    Want to make a difference in your local community, town, the world, but don’t know where or how to start?

    Our handy guide on five ways to start making a difference locally and globally can help. Often the best way to start is to just dive in, but navigating the number of options for community involvement, action, and donation can be overwhelming.

    In collaboration with Mama Hope – an organization which trains grassroots activists and advocates to be local changemakers every day around the world – the tips and resources in our guide will give you a starting point whether you want to make small or large-scale change, regardless of your background our circumstances. These ideas include:

    1. Start a non-profit or check out the Stop the Pity movement and set up a workshop that will help your media organization or nonprofit learn to tell a different story about poverty.

    2. Share a story about a local champion or project in your community, like this story about Erick from Kenya, that may inspire others. You can tweet a photo or send a blog to our content team and you may even see it featured on!

    3. Mentor a person in need in your local community (this could be a student, a woman, a new immigrant) through iMentor.

    4. Donate to or volunteer with a recognized charity or non-profit in your local area that matches your values and passions.

    5. Encourage those around you. If you, your friends, or family want to turn your passion for social change into direct impact, encourage them to seek out leadership or support that will help them make a difference to the community around them. They could start by:

      1. registering on Emily’s List;

      2. applying to be a Global Citizen Youth Advocate or joining Mama Hope’s Global Advocate Program,

      3. applying for university, volunteering or other scholarships, such as the Curtis Scholarship or Waislitz Award offered by Global Citizen.

    And change doesn’t stop with you. We want you to like and share our guide with your friends, family and those on your social media feed today. Help encourage them to turn their frustrations into local actions too.