European Commission: Invest in Education for Children Affected by Humanitarian Crises

Education Cannot Wait needs urgent funding to provide education to millions of children in emergencies.

What to know:

  • Increased global humanitarian issues are depriving children of their education.
  • 222 million children, who are affected by emergencies and endless crises, urgently need education support.
  • Tweet and urge the European Commission to invest in education for all.

Learn More about this cause:

222 million children's dreams are on hold due to preventable factors like the climate crisis, war, forced displacement and conflict.

Generations of young people are at risk of being left behind, either missing out on education completely or not learning the basic skills needed to develop and help build peaceful, prosperous, and healthy countries. 

​​Access to quality education in times of crisis is lifesaving for millions of kids. It offers protection, a sense of normality, and hope.

Education Cannot Wait works to provide access to education to the world's most vulnerable children, from Yemen to Afghanistan. With an increasing number of children affected by conflict and crisis, they need support from world leaders more than ever.

The European Commission has been an education champion and its renewed support for ECW will be key to protecting children.

In support of Education Cannot Wait, a broad coalition of civil society organizations, led by Global Citizen Europe Board Chair Sabrina Dowhre Elba, reached out to the European Commission with a pressing call to continue its long-standing support for ECW. Read the letter here.

Join us - Tweet and urge the European Commission to support ECW's 2023-2026 Strategic Plan goal of educating 20 million children and youth in crisis.