Boris Johnson this week backed a call for a de-facto multi-million pound cut to the UK’s international aid budget — which is currently dedicated to helping the world’s poorest people.

Claiming this represents a new “global Britain”, the former Foreign Secretary supported the idea of pumping billions into projects less associated with poverty reduction, and more in the UK’s national interests — in addition to scrapping the Department for International Development.

Yet just last month, new statistics revealed that global inequality is rising — 26 people now hold as much money as the poorest 50% of the globe. In this context, it is shocking to suggest that the UK’s life saving aid budget should be brutally slashed or diverted away from the world’s poorest people.

From helping girls like Selenat escape child marriage, to immunising 80 children a minute against polio — UK aid is working to create a world of equal opportunity for all. Stand up for equality: tell Boris Johnson that slashing the aid budget is not the “global Britain” you want to see!