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    We buy and consume goods every day. Without even realizing it we are taking action through our choices of what we need and don’t need, what we like and dislike– and what best represents us as individuals.

    These decisions we make in our everyday lives have the ability to bring about change, even when we least expect it.

    Companies and organizations around the world are creating products and services that help make a difference in local and international communities. As a growing movement of Global Citizens who are passionate about making the world a better place, we want to hear from you on what brands you choose to represent you.

    Share your choices. Take action on twitter now, and post a product from a company telling us why you buy it using the hashtag: #WhyIBuy.

    Your post will show up on our community platform. It could inspire other Global Citizens and spark new conversations about how the brands we choose on a daily basis are a symbol of our commitment to companies that exemplify our values as Global Citizens.