The World Bank is a critical institution when it comes to any kind of global equality — providing USD $60 billion each year to developing countries to promote vital areas like healthcare and education, and help lift people from extreme poverty. 

As the current President of the World Bank until 2025, David Maplass will play a key role in ensuring the World Bank takes women and girl's right seriously. We need to make sure that he uses his power to support the social and economic empowerment of girls and women.

Global Citizen is calling on President Malpass to place the rights and needs of girls and women politically, socially and economically at the very heart of efforts to advance the World Bank’s twin goals — to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity by 2030.

With effective and coordinated leadership by the new World Bank President, we can achieve a world where #SheIsEqual. Add your name to the list of Global Citizens calling for a World Bank President committed to empowering girls and women around the world.