In early August 2019, reports emerged that the White House was considering cutting $4.3 billion in funding for aid and diplomacy that is critical to keeping the world on track to end extreme poverty by 2030. Quickly, it became clear that White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and Acting Budget Director Russell Vought were leading the charge.

In response, Global Citizens sent over 3,000 messages to Secretary Pompeo, calling on him to be a champion for US aid and stand against the rescission package as he did last year. Secretary Pompeo, as well as Secretary Mnuchin, spoke out and helped stop the massive proposed cuts.

Thanks to your actions and the bipartisan efforts of the State Department and Congress, the White House has announced it is no longer moving forward with its $4.3 billion rescision package. 

This was a major victory, but we still need your help. We’ve been reviewed the details, crunched the numbers, and left no stone unturned to make sure this threat is truly over. 

Here’s what we know: the threat remains. There’s still a 2% daily cap on US aid spending that remains in place, and funding has still not been restored to regions like the Northern Triangle where a withdrawal of US aid will only exacerbate poverty and conflict.

We need your help to ensure members of the Administration remove the caps, restore ALL critical aid funding, and stop playing politics with US aid so that this ongoing cycle of trying to roll back our aid budget will finally end. 

That starts with ensuring officials in the Administration who are willing to stand up against the White House when it tries to cut US aid know that we appreciate their efforts.

Send a message to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and thank him for speaking out against the Administration playing politics with US aid.