Urgent Action is Needed! Tell World Leaders to End The Neglect

Call on Leaders to Protect the World’s Poorest Against Neglected Tropical Disease

What to know:

  • Funding against horrendous tropical diseases affecting the world’s poor has been slashed during the pandemic.
  • 1.7 billion people suffer from just 20 treatable diseases - the work needs to act!
  • Sign the petition and we'll deliver thousands of names to world leaders ahead of the next big NTD summit in Jun 2022.

Learn More about this cause:

Imagine spending your life suffering from a disease it could take as little as 20 cents to prevent. This is the reality for 1.5 billion people worldwide affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).

People in the world’s poorest countries are being left to suffer from severe but preventable NTDs which are often fatal or leave many with life-long disfigurements and acute disabilities. This group of 20 treatable diseases needlessly rob over a billion of the world’s poorest people of their health, livelihood & sense of dignity.

8-year-old Sita nearly died after being bitten by an infected sandfly. Her illness worsened for months as the family struggled to pay the local doctor for ineffective treatments. Luckily for Sita, thanks to international assistance, she was able to receive one dose of a simple but life-saving drug that restored her health. 

But Sita is one of the lucky ones. Despite solutions being available, just 0.6% of global health funding is spent on NTDs, leaving many of the world’s poorest to struggle against easily preventable disease. 

This is a shocking inequality that shouldn’t exist in 2020. That’s why – ahead of a major conference on Neglected Tropical Diseases in Rwanda later this year – we’re calling on world leaders from the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Japan and Norway to step up and tackle NTDs for good. 

Join us in calling on world leaders to ensure no one suffers from diseases we know how to prevent. Sign the petition now.