“When children are being trafficked and exploited, time is of the essence. There is not a moment to waste. And this is where technology can help.” Ashton Kutcher, Actor and Co-Founder of Thorn. 

Online child sexual exploitation and abuse is rarely seen, but it’s happening across the world. It’s shocking but true — children as young as a few months old are being abused online for paying customers, their assaults streamed to viewers across the globe. Many will be abused in this way for the remainder of their childhood. 

This is a heartbreaking problem on a global scale, and it's only getting worse.  

Now, COVID-19 is causing the number of children suffering to rise more than ever. Lockdowns across the world have left kids particularly vulnerable to abuse, whilst greater internet use in people’s homes is contributing to the rise in global demand for this horrific content. 

At Global Citizen we are determined to do everything we can to safeguard vulnerable children’s lives. That’s why we’re using the Out of the Shadow Index (OOSI) — which was delevoped by the Economist Intelligence Unit to examine how countries are responding to the threat of sexual violence against children — to push for stronger government action against these abusive crimes. 

OOSI provides recommendations for governments, businesses, and civil society to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation. Now, they are calling on the UK government to ensure strict enforcement mechanisms are in place that ensure web-services comply with regulations against abusive content, and any companies found to be streaming it are held to account. 

This change would not only protect millions of children but would set a standard that can be replicated across the world. Contact MPs on the Home Affairs and Digital Culture Media and Sport Select Committees now and ask them to ensure the government puts the tightest possible regulations in place to prevent tech companies from streaming this abuse.

Help protect children everywhere.  Email MPs Yvette Cooper MP and Julian Knight MP to take action now.