Right now, the US Administration is trying to slash funding for the world’s poorest people in a dangerous and undemocratic bid to cut the international aid budget. 

Millions of people around the globe could suffer if a process known as rescission goes forward, which would unilaterally strip away funding for international aid and diplomacy. The ridiculous thing? This process would reverse the budget that Congress has already passed, and which has since been signed by the president.

This almost happened last year — and your voice, combined with the bipartisan efforts of Congress and Secretary of State Pompeo — helped stop the cuts to international aid. But now, the alarm has been sounded again: any day the Administration is expected to try again to use the rescission process to strip funding from USAID and the State Department.

White House Chief of Staff and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney is expected to submit this rescission package to Congress soon.

It’s critical we make our voices heard to stand up for US aid and prevent funding  to support the world’s poorest people from being cut. Tell Director Mulvaney: use your authority to ensure we don’t jeopardize an end to extreme poverty.