Europe: Evacuate Refugees From The Greek Islands Now

Thousands of refugee shelters have been destroyed in a horrific fire during lockdown.

What to know:

  • European leaders have been warned for months about the unsanitary, overcrowded conditions in Aegean refugee camps.
  • Now a horrific fire has left thousands without shelter. The overcrowded camps are failing to provide safety.
  • European countries must act to urgently relocate refugees to safe, humane accommodation.

Learn More about this cause:

Footage shows children and their parents stumbling through shells of ashen, burnt out structures. No — this isn’t a war zone — it’s a refugee camp in Europe. 

Thousands of refugees, many of them families from Afghanistan and Syria, have had the last of their possessions destroyed in a fire that ripped across Moria refugee camp on the Greek islands in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 

For years human rights groups, including Amnesty International, have called for Europe to evacuate the dangerous camps across the islands — where sucicide and self-harm amongst refugees is tragically high. 

In recent months those calls grew even louder, with 42,000 refugees holed up in spaces meant for just 6,000 people. Scenes of overflowing sewage, broken water taps and no access to adequate shelter, safety or education were still not enough for Europe to take action. 

Now, one of the camps has burnt down completely. Europe must act without delay to relocate those who have lost everything in the fires and to evacuate the remaining camps before another tragedy occurs. 

Tell European countries to act with humanity and urgently relocate refugees from the Greek islands — tweet now!