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Water & Sanitation

Urge World Leaders to Take a Stand for Sanitation


Open defecation impacts the lives of 892 million people every single day, leading to contaminated drinking water and the spread of life-threatening diseases like cholera, hepatitis, polio, and diarrhea.

Call on world leaders to act now to end the practice of open defecation, once and for all.

Diarrheal disease is the second leading global cause of death for children under five - taking the lives of 1,400 children every day - and causes more deaths annually than measles, malaria, and HIV combined.

Open defecation also disproportionately hurts women and girls. Walking long distances alone at night and exposing themselves in the dark often leads to women and girls facing sexual and physical violence.

To end the practice of open defecation we need strong leadership from governments, businesses, and institutions.

In 2018, let’s take action to end open defecation once and for all.