In rural Ghana, three-month old Godwin almost died from a bout of pneumonia.

Where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live — yet around the world, almost 20 million babies and children like Godwin miss out on the basic vaccinations they need every single year. Horrific diseases like measles, polio, and pneumococcal disease can threaten the life of a child, even though we know how to prevent them. 

Upon taking Godwin to a health clinic, his mother Felicia said: “I was worried he would die. That’s why I brought him here today because I don’t want my child to become sick again.”

Godwin survived — and was given vaccinations against a swarm of diseases. This means he’ll have a better chance at growing up healthily, to perform well in exams at school, and eventually get a job and contribute to his society as an adult. 

Every mother deserves to see her child grow up happy and healthy. And thanks to vaccines, this is reality for more and more people — with more than 10 million lives saved since 2000, and countless children walking who would otherwise have been paralyzed by polio. 

Let’s save more lives, and speed up the process. Add your name to call on world leaders to invest in vaccines, and ensure no child dies because of where they are born.