Human beings have a right not to suffer. Why should anyone go without food, water, healthcare, education, or access to sanitation if resources exist that could supply them equitably? 

Since 1990, the world has seen the number of people living in extreme poverty cut in half.

This was no accident. And this success is in large part thanks to America’s foresight and leadership in international affairs. American aid works.

Now, we stand at a crossroads where America’s support of international assistance remains more important than ever. It's possible for the world to end extreme poverty by 2030 — but only if countries with the most power and money step up. If the United States fails to act — or slashes its aid budget — it puts the lives of the world’s poorest people at risk. 

Simply put, we should help because we can.

Every person on our planet deserves to live a happy and healthy life and grow to their fullest potential. Thanks to American aid, this is the reality for more and more people — with millions of more children vaccinated, in school, and enjoying nutritious food that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Add your name to call on Members of Congress to support a strong international aid budget to help ensure America is doing its part in the global effort to end extreme poverty.