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Call on world leaders to support the global action plan to get every girl in school and learning

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Every girl deserves control over her future. But gender inequality starts early and too often, the effects last a lifetime.

In 2016, there were only 22 female heads of state across the world. Globally, women are paid less than men - in most countries, women only earn between 60 and 75% of men’s wages, for the same work. Gender inequality starts early in life for girls around the world, and the effects often last a lifetime. If girls don't receive a quality education, they can’t earn enough to provide for themselves and their families or be financially independent.

According to UNESCO, an estimated 130 million girls around the world are currently out of school, with the highest proportion aged 15-17.

The UK government’s Statement of Action for girls’ education is a plan to ensure that every girl can go to school and learn. More than 20 organizations and governments, including the UK, US, Norway, Canada, South Sudan, Tanzania, Australia and Afghanistan, have agreed to support the Statement of Action. We now need more governments to not just sign up to the Statement of Action, but also to show support for adolescent girls through political and financial commitments.

But we need everyone to agree to implement this plan.

We want countries like the Republic of Korea, Mauritius, India and more business leaders to help tackle gender inequality in learning and to help girls in developing countries unlock their full potential by investing more in girls education initiatives through the Statement of Action.

If girls can’t go to school and learn, how will they gain the skills to lead their communities?

Signatories who sign up to the plan can commit to addressing barriers that cause girls to miss out on and drop out of school such as discriminatory laws, early pregnancy and marriage, school safety concerns and inadequate sanitation. Equally important will be challenging the cultural norms and gender stereotypes that reduce girls' opportunities to complete their schooling and creating incentives and safe spaces for girls to learn, such as this girls-only school in Afghanistan.

It’s time to re-set the balance - and it starts with education.

Join us in calling on more countries and organisations to take the first step in closing the gender gap in education by signing up to an action plan that will ensure no girl is left behind.

This plan will make sure that no girl is left behind. It will create a world in which every girl completes school - not just at primary level, but at secondary too. And when she’s finished, she’ll have the skills, knowledge and real opportunities to lead the life she chooses.  

She will be a leader of tomorrow - but only if leaders invest in her now.

Sign the petition calling on decision makers to support this action plan to get every girl in school, learning and finishing education.

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