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Stop The Violence in South African Schools

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Failure to prevent bullying and violence in schools is a huge setback for South Africa’s development.

Creating a safe and nurturing environment is crucial to helping raise a new generation of pioneers and leaders. South African schools have become rampant with sexual violence and other types of abuse. Global Citizen partner Nedbank has been working with the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund to combat this violence, promote safer schools and support survivors.

The Nedbank Children's Affinity works hand-in-hand with the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund to safeguard children’s safety and well-being. Through their Initiatives such as the Child Safety and Protection programme, they are working towards ensuring that schools have safety policies to deal with violence, bullying, sexual abuse, and corporal punishment. 

Share the news about the Child Safety and Protection programme to inspire a generation that fights together, not against each other.