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    Urge the Tanzanian Parliament to Implement the High Court’s Decision to Outlaw Child Marriage

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    In July of 2016, the High Court of Tanzania ruled that the existing 1971 Law of Marriage Act, allowing girls as young as 14 to marry, is unconstitutional.

    The decision was a fundamental step to protect young girls from forced marriages. The government was given one year from the time of the court’s decision to change the existing marriage law. And yet, seven months after the High Court’s ruling, the Law of Marriage Act remains in place.

    37% of Tanzanian girls become child brides before the age of 18. The power to change that statistic and outlaw child marriage in Tanzania now lies in the hands of the Parliament. The court’s decision was encouraging, but parliamentarians needs to act fast to protect all girls.

    On this International Women’s Day, we need Global Citizens to help us maintain the momentum toward ending child marriage in Tanzania, and push for Parliament to take action to repeal this harmful law.

    Tweet at Tanzanian Parliamentarian Ridhiwani Kikwete, urging him to take action to implement the High Court’s decision to amend the Law of Marriage Act and raise the legal age of marriage for girls and boys to eighteen.