Tell The World About Canadian Company Choosing Profit Over The Okavango River Basin

Millions of people and endangered wildlife need our help as their homes and habitats are threatened.

What to know:

  • While we fight against climate change, Canadian oil company ReconAfrica is contaminating the Okavango River Basin.
  • This project will contaminate critical water and food supply for a million people, species and endangered wildlife.
  • Help raise awareness – share a message on why we need an immediate oil and gas ban to save the Okavango River Basin.

Learn More about this cause:

The climate crisis threatens us all. Shifting weather patterns are threatening food supplies, floods are forcing families from their homes, and droughts are devastating life for millions.

The science is clear: we cannot tackle climate change unless we swiftly end our reliance on planet-killing fossil fuels. But some corporations continue to put profit over the planet and over people.

In Africa’s Okavango River Basin, a major oil and gas project by Canadian company ReconAfrica is threatening communities that live there by proceeding without their free, prior and informed consent. This project could contaminate critical food and water for one million people. It also threatens precious wildlife, totaling nearly nearly two thousand species, including the largest remaining population of elephants on Earth. 

Local communities have voiced their opposition to the project, but they were not given a fair chance to weigh-in as part of the leasing process and ReconAfrica continues to ignore them. 

The risks are far too high and we cannot allow for this project to continue. 

Local leaders, activists, international communities and Global Citizen partner Re:wild, have been organising to stop this irresponsible treatment of our planet’s precious resources.

You can help us raise awareness: leave a message explaining why we all need to join this campaign and then share it with your community.