Upload a Video: Stand With Women in Iran

Protests around the world have erupted from the outrage over the murder of Mahsa Jina Amini.

What to know:

  • Millions around the world are protesting to show their solidarity with women in Iran fighting oppression.
  • Join the protest and show the world that we will not be silent against entities that oppress women.
  • Send us a video and show your solidarity with women in Iran.

Learn More about this cause:

Mahsa Jina Amini was only 22 years old when she was brutally beaten to death by the police in Iran for showing her hair and not using her hijab “properly”. 

Her death has sparked outrage around the world but she isn’t the only one. Women are being policed for exercising their freedom.

​​Mahsa Jina Amini’s senseless murder should never be repeated again.

Control over women’s clothing is an oppression of choice and a form of exerting power over women’s bodies. 

We cannot stay silent to autocratic forces repressing women around the world. 

Show solidarity with the women in Iran by uploading a video. We will share the most powerful videos on our social platforms and in a content piece.