“We can show the whole country, the whole world, that we women have value, that we can say no to early marriage, to early pregnancy.” — Valéria.

Valéria is 16 years old, and lives in Mozambique — where almost half of girls become pregnant before they reach the age of 18. For teenagers like Valéria, poverty, malnutrition and a lack of information about sexual and reproductive health all make life tough — and go so far as to risk their lives.

Worldwide, five million mothers and children die from preventable conditions — every single year. This includes teen girls who become pregnant early, and are exposed to health risks during childbirth, or new babies, born prematurely or underweight because their mother was malnourished. It includes kids who don’t have basics like vaccines, safe water or nutritious food, placing them at risk of deadly but preventable diseases like malaria, pneumonia or diarrhea.

This is a sexist problem — and it must change for every woman, and every child to ensure we achieve a world where #SheIsEqual.

The Global Financing Facility helps countries transform the way in which they finance the health and nutrition of their own people, particularly women, children and teenagers.

Right now, the Global Financing Facility is helping people across 27 countries — and urgently wants to expand to 50. But it needs the resources to do so. Sign the petition calling on world leaders to invest in the Global Financing Facility and ensure no woman or child dies from preventable causes.