Stand Up For Refugees Everywhere

Let’s put humanity first – tell the world why you welcome refugees.

What to know:

  • Anyone can end up a refugee if they’re forced to flee their home because of crises like war and environmental disasters.
  • The world can show humanity to refugees but too many governments are hostile and cruel to people in need.
  • Help encourage humanity and compassion for refugees everywhere – share your message.

Learn More about this cause:

Any one of us could become a refugee. One day your life is normal, the next, you have to flee your home and everything you love, losing all the protections that kept you safe. 

People become refugees when they are forced to flee their homes because of conflict, environmental disaster, persecution, or political unrest.

Right now, the world is facing a crisis of compassion. Refugees make up just 0.3% of the global population but many countries have hostile policies that make it impossible for this vulnerable group of people to start a new life in safety. 

We need to take a stand to change this. Most people across the world want to welcome refugees. We have to raise our voices and show governments to put humanity and compassion first. 

Share your message of welcome – tell the world why you stand up for refugees everywhere.