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Sign The Petition To Stand For US Foreign Assistance

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On March 16, President Trump announced his desire for significant cuts to US foreign assistance in 2018, including 28% cuts to the State Department.

In addition to these cuts, Politico reported on March 28 that the Trump Administration sent a memo to key members of congress in late March requesting substantive cuts to foreign aid in 2017, too.

Foreign assistance is under attack.

Key voices from the military, churches, and congress are joining Global Citizens like you to send a strong message to the White House that foreign aid saves lives, protects us from disease, and makes us safer at home.

In the next few months, Congress will be finalizing the federal budget for 2017 and 2018. Holding the ‘power of the purse’, Congress has the exclusive right to determine how much money will be spent on foreign assistance next year.

Foreign aid has long had bipartisan support. At around 1% of the federal budget, foreign aid represents a small amount that can have incredible impact for the world’s poor. Now, it is more important than ever that Global Citizens show Congress that foreign aid must be protected.

Sign the petition now to show your support for America’s leadership abroad.