Spread the Word: $1 Million For Women in Need

Get the word out about the project that's helping amazing women across the US.

What to know:

  • We're helping spark a national movement for the next generation of young givers.
  • The Archetypes and V!NG project is ready to give $1 million dollars away in 1k grants to women in need.
  • Spread the word on social media for young people to get nominating amazing women in their communities.

Learn More about this cause:

This holiday season help spark a national movement of young givers and spread the word about an incredible project helping women in need.

The Archwell Foundation and V!NG are calling on all 14 - 18 yar old gen Zers to make a difference in someone else's life by giving away $1 million USD in $1,000 grants to women in need. 

Through the project, teens have an opportunity to give women their community who would benefit from financial aid an encouraging boost. 

Let's make this December extra special for amazing women all around the United States. Help spread the word about the prize and tweet now!