Speak Up for Farmers on the Frontline of the Climate Crisis

Farmers can help end hunger but need your voice to help get the right tools to fight climate change.

What to know:

  • Climate change is causing crop failures, leaving millions without food.
  • Farmers on the frontline of the crisis need urgent support to grow food in the face of floods, droughts and storms.
  • Speak up – leave a personal message for leaders on why farmers need our help.

Learn More about this cause:

“We farm maize. If we are lucky to have enough, we take it to the shed (to sell) but in years when there is no rain, it means nothing to eat or sell and we have to rely on peacework.”

These are the words of Florence Mulenga, a female smallholder farmer from Lusaka who – like millions – has been severely impacted by climate change. She wants a better life for her family but intense floods, droughts, storms and insect infestations have made this reality unreachable.

Climate change has disrupted food production making it difficult for her to generate an income, feed her family, continue employing her community and take her children to school – making it hard to break the cycle of poverty. 

When farmers like Florence suffer, millions of others who rely on the food she produces suffer too. Right now, climate-related crop failures are causing severe hunger for populations across the world.

The good news is that there are tools to buffer farmers from climate damage, making their operations more resilient and sustainable. But they need our urgent support to make sure they can adapt. 

We are working with the Ban Ki-Moon Centre to increase investments for farmers on the frontline of the climate crisis but we need more voices to create greater impact. Leave a message for world leaders and tell them why farmers need our help. We will select the best ones and make sure they are seen by them.