Speak Out Against the Ban on Girls’ Education in Afghanistan

Join Global Citizen in speaking out against the ban on women's and girls’ access to education in Afghanistan.

What to know:

  • ​​The Taliban has banned girls from accessing any form of education from primary school right up to university.
  • Their decision will have a devastating impact on the futures of millions of women and girls in the country.
  • Speak out for the women and girls risking everything to protest in Afghanistan and raise global awareness – tweet now.

Learn More about this cause:

A lecturer's room in Afghanistan is filled with the aching noise of female students crying in agony as they learn the heartbreaking news that they are no longer allowed to attend university. Their  dreams of becoming doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, and more, shattered to pieces. 

Across primary school, secondary school, and university, millions of girls in Afghanistan have been shut off from their right to an education, and with it, their freedom. 

 "They destroyed the only bridge that could connect me with my future."  – female student, Afghanistan.

Education is a right, not a privilege. Women and girls in Afghanistan are taking huge risks to publically protest the Taliban’s decisions – we must not let their voices go unheard. 

Speak out against the ban and share Global Citizen’s content piece to tell the stories of the women and girls impacted.