Sony Music Latin Artists: Thank You For Participating in Color Esperanza 2020

These artists took part in Color Esperanza 2020 to raise funds for Latin America’s COVID response - Let’s say thank you.

What to know:

  • The Color Esperanza 2020 song brought artists together to respond to COVID-19 in Latin America.
  • Sony Music Latin and artists have pledged all royalties to support PAHO’s response to COVID-19 for those most in need.
  • Send a tweet to thank artists for stepping up and participating in Color Esperanza 2020.

Learn More about this cause:

In May 2020, Sony Music Latin, Global Citizen and Diego Torres came together with other Latin American artists in the fight against COVID-19.

They released a special version of Diego Torres’s Color Esperanza – an anthem of hope – with all proceeds going to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to help with COVID-19 relief efforts across Latin America and the Carribean. 

Now, a year later,  PAHO has delivered life-saving PPE to 36 countries, including 6.2 million gloves, 2.1 million gowns, 40 million surgical and respirator masks, 371,000 goggles and more than 24 million COVID-19 testing kits thanks in part to funding from “Color Esperanza 2020.”

Color Esperanza 2020 was a beautiful moment showcasing humanity uniting together for those in need. Keep listening today to help PAHO continue their life saving work. 

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