Solidarity With Women and Girls in Afghanistan

Speak out against the massive rollbacks in women's and girls' rights in Afghanistan.

What to know:

  • Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in 2021, the rollback in women’s and girls’ rights has been unprecedented.
  • Women and girls have been banned from schools, universities, public spaces, and more.
  • Show global solidarity for the millions fighting to hold on to their freedoms and their futures. Share your message.

Learn More about this cause:

What is life like for women and girls in Afghanistan? Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s government in August 2021, the rollback in women’s and girls’ rights has been unprecedented. 

Imagine being banned from accessing education, banned from working as a doctor or humanitarian worker, increasingly banned from all aspects of public life, and banned from speaking out about it. 

"They destroyed the only bridge that could connect me with my future."  – female student, Afghanistan.

Share a message of solidarity now to help keep global attention on what’s happening, and to show Afghan women and girls that they have support around the world.