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    The US Government’s reinstatement of the “Global Gag Rule” strips over USD $600 million in funding for women’s health programs around the world that provide access to, or information about, abortions.

    Yet, the risks posed by the policy will have far-reaching consequences. Women’s health clinics will be forced to limit contraceptive services, cut rural outreach programs and reduce screening, treatment, and prevention for cervical cancer and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. This will deprive hard-to-reach communities of critical women’s health and family planning information and services.

    And yet, almost 225 million women have no access to contraceptives, and every day, over 800 women and girls die of pregnancy complications.

    In response to this policy, the Dutch government launched She Decides, a global fundraising initiative calling on governments, businesses and private citizens to bridge the funding gap.

    In just two weeks’ time, the Belgian Government will host a pledging conference inviting countries to do their fair share. Already, a number of countries have stepped up to the plate, publicly announcing their support for She Decides: Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Estonia, Luxemburg, Norway, Cape Verde and Portugal.

    Send an email to world leaders that have championed She Decides and urge them step up to fund women’s health at the pledging conference in Brussels in the wake of the “Global Gag Rule.”