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    Speak Up for The Millions of Girls and Women Who Are Without Access to Basic Health Services

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    Through the implementation and expansion of the “Global Gag Rule”, a policy that has been in place under many Republican White Houses to curb programs that provide abortion services, over USD $600 million in funding for women’s health will no longer be available.

    Without funding from the United States, health clinics and women’s organizations will limit their services or be forced to close, leaving many women without access to basic healthcare.

    The organizations that will suffer the most not only provide access to, or information about, abortions, but also provide STI screening, child health checkups and routine vaccinations that will now be denied to areas of the world that need them the most. Some clinics have had to cut their staff by as much as 30 percent, drastically lessening the services and community outreach in rural areas that are vital to girls and women who rely on these clinics.

    On March 2nd in Brussels, nations will make pledges on behalf of girls and women around the world to restore their access to basic health services.

    It’s moments like these that remind us as Global Citizens why we must hold our governments to account. Together, let’s send a message to world leaders, urging them to attend the pledging conference and do their fair share to safeguard the health of girls and women.

    Tweet a photo of yourself, holding a sign with the name of your country of origin, using the hashtag #SheDecides.

    You can begin with the statement: “Women’s health is a necessity because…”

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