Share Your Experience of the Climate Crisis in the US

The climate crisis is being felt across the United States – what’s your experience?

What to know:

  • Communities in the United States are experiencing firsthand the impacts of the worsening climate crisis.
  • We need President Biden to declare a national emergency to deliver critically-needed climate action across the US.
  • We’re compiling messages from US Global Citizens to urge the President to act: share your experience with the climate crisis.

Learn More about this cause:

Wildfires are scorching homes in California. Floods are submerging communities in Kentucky. The climate crisis is here and its impacts are being felt in every part of the United States.

To address the crisis with the urgency it requires, Global Citizens are calling on President Biden to declare a climate emergency and introduce swift action to defend the planet. 

You can help make a difference.

To push the White House to act, we’re inviting US Global Citizens to share their personal experiences with climate change in their communities. We’ll compile submissions from across the country and deliver them directly to the President.

Whether you’re concerned about your future or experiencing the effects of extreme weather or pollution, your story deserves to be told. Help us catch the White House’s attention: submit your message!


Image Credit: Preston Keres / USDA