Girls & Women

    Sexist Laws Have No Place in 2018


    It’s 2018 and 90 percent of countries worldwide still hold shocking laws that discriminate against women and girls.

    If you are born a girl in Bangladesh, you can be married off by your parents in undefined ‘special circumstances’ if the marriage is deemed in your ‘best interest’. In Nigeria, a man may beat his wife if ‘correcting her’ - as long as it doesn’t inflict grievous harm. In Cameroon, husbands can legally prevent their wives from working.

    Let’s be clear: this is sexism. And it creates a world where girls and women are poorer, with less control over their own future, and more vulnerable to exploitation than boys and men. 96 percent of children forced into marriage are girls - raped, abused and enslaved. This cannot go on.

    In each of these countries, fearless young people are fighting for a fairer future - and we stand with them - including women like Samanjar, a passionate gender equality activist in Bangladesh who provides legal support to young girls who have escaped child marriages.

    The Commonwealth Summit is a key a opportunity to make progress to tackle gender discrimination in countries across the Commonwealth. We’ve identified countries where your voice could really make a difference, and encourage leaders to step up and pledge to end sexist laws for good. Send an email to stand with young campaigners today.