Last year the terror group known as ISIS attacked the Yazidi people in Sinjar, killing more than 3,000 civilians and enslaving 5,000 to 7,000 more — mostly women and children. More than 85% of the Yazidi population were driven out of their homes and Yazidi women were forced into sexual slavery. Current estimates suggest that 3,200 Yazidis remain in ISIS captivity.

The volatile situation in Iraq has destroyed the previous progress that had been made in the region to strengthen water systems and support sustainable alternatives for communities affected by a shortage of water. Instead, in response to the ISIS attack, aid workers were forced to re-direct their focus in the region and provide immediate and life-saving interventions, like distributing massive amounts of hygiene kits, bottled drinking water, buckets, garbage bags, and water storage tanks.

As the world’s first-ever permanent global criminal court, the ICC’s mission is to hold people accountable for their crimes and to stop them from happening again. At its helm is Deputy Prosecutor of the ICC James Kirkpatrick Stewart. “The International Criminal Court is a beacon of hope and justice to all those who suffer from the violence of the massive crimes that it is our duty to prosecute,” Stewart once said.  

We know that our actions make a difference. More than 22,550 Global Citizens signed a petition demanding justice for the Yazidi people, and nearly 2,000 Global Citizens tweeted at Sweden, asking it to support brave Yazidis like Nadia Murad, who continues to fight for justice against unspeakable acts of horror by ISIS. In response to Global Citizens, Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said, "The horrendous crimes against the Yazidis must stop. Sweden has argued for International Criminal Court (ICC) jurisdiction regarding the situation in Syria and Iraq."

Momentum is building. Now we need the ICC to step up and prosecute this case.

Send an email to Mr Stewart and the ICC and then call the Swedish government, urging them to hold accountable the perpetrators of the horrific crimes against the Yazidis.