Bill Gates calls it one of the best-kept secrets.

In 1988, there were over 350,000 cases of polio in 125 countries. Today, thanks to collective effort, known as the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), the number of cases of polio and countries where polio is found has been drastically reduced, and the world is on the edge of eradicating this disease once and for all. 

The success of the fight against polio and its near-eradication has been a global, collective  effort between governments, civil society organizations, healthworkers, and activists. 

International aid is playing a life-saving role. The UK’s aid budget alone has helped to save 1.6 million lives from polio — whilst Canada has committed $750 million CAD, and Australia $104 million to the fight. Still, the disease remains a threat, and if we don’t keep taking action, it could quickly resurge over the next decade. 

Action starts with knowledge. Test your knowledge on polio — from what it is, to where it exists — and then challenge your Twitter followers to see how they fare.