Thank the UK for Pledging to Keep 880,000 Kids in School — But Ask Them to Do More in April

GPE / Kelley Lynch via Flickr

Over the last year, 1.4 million dedicated activists and Global Citizens raised their voice — signing petitions, sending emails, and posting tweets — to call on the UK government to do their part to help children around the world go to school and learn.

Last week, world leaders met in Dakar, Senegal to make financial commitments to this amazing fund — and the UK government pledged £225 million.

Whilst this is a good step in the right direction, it fails to live up to what could have been achieved. The Global Partnership for Education asked for the UK’s help to put 1.6 million extra children in school every year — last week’s pledge will only help around half of these children.

The UK does remain one of the largest donors, but overall the Global Partnership for Education did not manage to raise enough money to fulfil its goal of ensuring every child is able to set foot in a classroom and learn — no matter whether they’re a boy or a girl.

In April, the UK will host the Commonwealth Summit in London — and this is the next big opportunity for them to pledge big for girls’ education. Send a message to the Department for International Development to say ‘thank you’ for the positive step, and call on them to do more in April.