Theresa May is Considering Policies to Win Over the Youth Vote — Let’s Make Our Voices Heard


After a disappointing performance at this summer’s snap election, UK Prime Minister Theresa May is reportedly considering policies to win over the youth vote, such as reducing student debt.

We want to amplify your voice and help to shape government policy for the better. Last month, we surveyed Global Citizens across the UK, asking two questions: what issues do you care about most? And what do you want Theresa May to do about them?

The results sent a strong message. Equality matters — from eliminating university tuition fees to scrapping the tampon tax, you called for policies that will tackle economic and gender injustices. And equality of healthcare is a big deal — you care about the NHS, and want the UK government to protect it, particularly investing more in mental healthcare.

Your worries weren’t limited to injustices within our borders. The refugee crisis emerged as a key concern, with many Global Citizens calling for the UK government to welcome more refugees, particularly children. You also called for our international aid budget to be maintained or increased and for the government to ensure it was being spent effectively. You most certainly did not want more investment in war or conflict.

Finally, the two big elephants in the room: Brexit, and climate change. These two issues sparked the most fear — but also some of the most creative solutions. You can view the survey results in more detail by clicking here.

Send an email and a tweet to the Conservative Party chairman and the UK minister responsible for youth policy, sharing the results of our survey and asking them to ensure the voices of young people are heard.