Thank the UN Secretary-General for Bringing Justice to the Children of Yemen

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Image credit: Rod Waddington via Flickr

After two years of conflict, the children of Yemen have been subjected to unthinkable suffering. Children have been forcibly recruited as soldiers, and attacked by airstrikes where they should be safest — in schools and hospitals — in a war which has starved the country of resources, leading to famine and a devastating cholera outbreak which ripped families apart.

Last year, the UN found Saudi Arabia and its allies to be responsible for 60% of Yemen’s child casualties in 2015, but they were not held to account. Over 37,500 of you spoke out against this injustice, telling the UN Secretary-General that no one is powerful enough to get away with killing children — and your voices were heard.

In this year’s annual Children and Armed Conflict report, the UN named and shamed the Saudi-led Coalition for committing grave violations against children. Now, all parties to Yemen’s war have finally been held accountable for killing and maiming children. In order to be removed from the blacklist, Saudi Arabia and its allies must work with the UN to prepare and put into place concrete, time-bound action plans to end their violations — preventing further deaths of innocent children.

Thanks to your signatures, the future is a little bit brighter for Yemen’s children. Now, thank Secretary-General António Guterres for acting on the call of Global Citizens.