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Tell Your MP Why You're Proud of UK Aid - and Call on Them to Make it as Effective as Possible

FMSC via Flickr.

Every day, the UK’s international aid budget has an immense impact on people around the globe. From providing life-saving vaccines , to fighting FGM for girls in Kenya - for a tiny percentage of Gross National Income (GNI), this money truly transforms lives.

By law, the UK gives 0.7% of GNI to international aid - less than a penny in every pound to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Yet the Daily Mail feels this is too much, and are running a vicious campaign to slash this budget. This could devastate millions of lives.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure aid is helping those in most need there are international rules that determine how it can be spent. In their election manifesto, the Conservatives stated they wish to change these rules - but didn’t make it clear how. This could mean new opportunities for improvement - or new threats as aid risks being diverted away from the world's poorest people. 

Let us be clear. UK aid should always be scrutinised, and spent as effectively as possible, focused on lifting the world’s poorest people from extreme poverty. This budget should not be slashed or scrapped until extreme poverty has truly been eradicated - and any rule changes should work for the most vulnerable on our planet.

We need MPs to stand up for UK aid - and to ensure it’s as effective as possible for the world’s poor. Your local MP is accountable to you - send a message to him or her that you are proud of UK aid, and want this budget to be as effective as possible.