In 18 countries husbands can legally prevent their wives from working. In economies where women are prohibited from having jobs, women are less likely to have formal bank accounts, savings, or lines of credit. Women in Egypt can even lose their right to receive financial support from their husbands if they work without their husband’s consent.

Of the trillions of dollars spent by large corporations and governments every year, only 1% goes to women. Empowering women leads to healthier, better-educated and more sustainable communities. Evidence suggests that the more women-owned businesses there are in a country, the more that country can grow and prosper. Still, women in developing countries face challenges when they seek to enter supply chains and do global business.

In order to make this happen, we need the support of influential global companies to set a precedent. As Global Citizens, let’s call on these companies to source more products and services from women-owned businesses, especially in developing countries.

Global Citizens are calling on companies to support women entrepreneurs.

Sign the petition and send a tweet to send a message to major corporations: please source more products and services from women-owned businesses.

Together we can speak out to give women around the world a fair chance at making a living and pulling themselves and their families out of poverty.