Call on Your Leaders to #StoptheCuts Before They Happen and Protect Foreign Aid


As President Trump’s National Security Strategy states, “America’s peace, security, and prosperity depend on strong, sovereign nations that respect their citizens at home and cooperate to advance peace abroad.” America’s own freedom in the face of the dangers facing us all “is grounded in the realization that American principles are a lasting force for good in the world.”

The United States has always helped ensure that its own citizens and global citizens live in a safe, prosperous, and peaceful world. Built upon the the ideals of  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, America has worked to set the stage for a nation and world that remains strong in the face of conflict.

But after months of deadlock and two government shut-downs, Congress approved a budget deal to lift discretionary spending caps for FY18 and FY19. Under the budget deal, there could be an $8.8 billion (or 17%) cut on international affairs funding from the FY17 levels and a further $4 billion would be shaved off again in FY19. The cuts aren’t just bad news, they create new risks. With less funding available, and numerous competing priorities to fund, appropriators will have some tough decisions ahead and we only have until Monday at midnight to influence them.

Decisions like whether to apply cuts to the programs and services the world relies on. Their choices could jeopardise the funding needed to prevent an outbreak of Ebola, causing it to spread worldwide, or prolong a famine that impacts global food stocks, or take away chances for millions of kids to get educated wherever they are, or remove a safe haven for refugee families who may otherwise be exploited or converted by extremist groups.  

We need to remind champions in Congress and the Cabinet that the International Affairs Budget needs to be protected because any proposed cuts will also affect Americans.

Call on your leaders to #StopTheCuts to the International Affairs Budget and ensure that the US can continue to tackle global issues.