Three years ago, ISIS militants invaded the town of Sinjar in northern Iraq, home to the Yazidi people. Within a matter of days, 3,000 Yazidis were killed and up to 7,000 were kidnapped and enslaved — the majority women and children.  

ISIS raped, beat and tortured girls as young as nine years old. These atrocities are unimaginable. But one survivor — Nadia Murad — is determined to fight for justice.

When she was a young girl, Nadia lived a peaceful and happy life — dreaming of becoming a history teacher or make-up artist when she grew up. But three years ago, those dreams were shattered when she and her two sisters were kidnapped and enslaved by ISIS. Subjected to unspeakable crimes, Nadia only managed to escape after months of rape and torture. Ever since, she has been calling for world leaders to hold ISIS to account.

Three years later, very little progress has been made. For the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute ISIS, a country that has signed onto the Rome Statute — the agreement that started the ICC — must refer the case. But so far, no country has done so.

Sign the petition calling on 124 countries to refer the Yazidi case to the International Criminal Court. Let’s hold ISIS rapists and murderers to account.