Raped, Burned Alive, And Murdered: Rohingya Children Deserve Justice

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Rohingya children in Myanmar were raped, burned alive, and murdered. Yet, one year on, the perpetrators have faced no consequences for these crimes against children.

This must change. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. 

For years, Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have faced violence, abuse, and discrimination. But last summer, the situation worsened dramatically. After an armed group known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) attacked over 30 police posts, Myanmar troops retaliated — and innocent civilians were caught up in the conflict.

Myanmar troops razed Rohingya villages to the ground, uprooted whole communities from their homes, and committed unthinkable crimes against children. 

Since late August 2017, more than 690,000 Rohingya refugees have fled the violence — and over half of them are children. 

The UK government has the power and influence on the global stage to help bring the perpetrators of these horrific crimes to justice. We are calling on the Foreign Secretary to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for investigation — and pressure is mounting, after a recent UN report condemned the violence and also called for further scrutiny by the ICC. 

By holding the perpetrators to account, we can end the violence against children in Myanmar and give them a future to look forward to.

Add your name to our petition now, then email your MP to demand justice for Rohingya children.